We specialize in reconstructing 2D and 3D light or electron microscope images. Our workflows integrate state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, manual image annotation, and quality control by biologists.

Together with partners in Hong Kong, we maintain a group of more than 30 professional image annotators with thousands of hours of experience in biomedical and neuroanatomical image annotation.

  • State-of-the-art machine learning workflows
  • Data curation by biologists
  • Highest scientific standards

Automated Segmentation

Identify and quantify ultrastructural features in microscopy images.

Automated Segmentation of Mitochondria and ER in Cortical Cells

In a collaborative effort led by Dr. Pierre Magistretti, the KAUST-EPFL Alliance for Integrative Modeling of Brain Energy Metabolism analyzes the distribution of various organelles in the brain.

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Workflow Development

Receive technical assistance and training for your high-throughput analyses.

Automated Cell Counting and Region Mapping in Whole Mouse Brain Light Microscopy Data

c-Fos expression levels were quantified from whole mouse-brain serial two-photon tomography data by automatically detecting somata …

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Neuron Tracing

Reconstruct your neurons of interest or even entire neuronal circuits.

Deciphering the Modes of Visual Integration in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus

In a study recently published in Neuron and featured in Nature Methods), the lab of Dr. Botond Roska performed targeted single-cell-initiated transsynaptic tracing to label retinal ganglion cells …

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Ground Truth Generation

Outsource all of your manual image annotations and rely on professional quality control.

MICCAI Challenge on Circuit Reconstruction from Electron Microscopy Images

The goal of this challenge is to evaluate algorithms for the automatic reconstruction of neurons and neuronal connectivity from serial section electron microscopy data.

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