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We are about to hit our 10,000th reconstructed neuron! If we reach 10,000 neurons before the end of 2019, we will give away 100 neuron reconstructions for free to the one customer that contributes the 10,000th reconstructed neuron.

You can participate by uploading your dataset to our neuron reconstruction service LMtrace. You can keep track of the current progress by revisiting Every reconstructed neuron will increment the counter.* If your dataset hits the 10,000 mark, we will reconstruct the next 100 neurons that you upload for free!

Total neuron count:

Total neuron length: m

    *Until December 31st, 2019.

    Automated Cell Counting and Region Mapping in Whole Mouse Brain Light Microscopy Data

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    LMtrace — the first easy-to-use online neuron and glia tracing service

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    3dEMtrace — the first easy-to-use online cell segmentation service

    Cover image 3

    3D cellular reconstruction from Serial Block-Face Electron Microscopy of juvenile rat

    Cover image 2

    Automated Segmentation of Mitochondria and ER in Cortical Cells

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