Case Studies

In the past years, has contributed high-throughput image analysis to many high-profile scientific publications. Below you find a collection of use cases for our different image analysis piplines. More news, recent publications and conference contributions you find on our News site.

LMtrace® unravels Retinal Ganglion Cell Anatomy

Cover image 1

3D cellular reconstruction from Serial Block-Face Electron Microscopy of juvenile rat

Cover image 3

Volume EM-based Reconstruction of Neurons in the Zebrafish Spinal Cord

Cover image 7

Automated Cell Counting and Region Mapping in Whole Mouse Brain Light Microscopy Data

Cover image 8

Automated Segmentation of Mitochondria and ER in Cortical Cells

Cover image 9

Automated Segmentation of Intestinal Organoid Cells and Nuclei

Cover image 10

Deciphering the Modes of Visual Integration in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus

Cover image 11

Dense EM-based Reconstruction of the Interglomerular Projectome in the Zebrafish Olfactory Bulb

Cover image 12

MICCAI Challenge on Circuit Reconstruction from Electron Microscopy Images

Cover image 13